WOTOFO Profile V1.5 24mm Mesh RDA Tank

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The Wotofo Profile 1.5 RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomiser) has been designed for advanced users and offers a good introduction to rebuildable atomisers. Unlike standard RDAs, the Profile 1.5 doesn't have to be used with wound rebuildable coils, rather, specialist mesh strips can be used. Available in three different resistances, there are versions to suit different vaping styles.


  • Wotofo RDA
  • Supports mesh rebuildable coils
  • 24mm diameter
  • Adjustable dual airflow
  • Squonk compatible
  • Gold-plated pin
  • Clamp deck

Featuring a stainless steel build and quality machining throughout, the Profile 1.5 is easy to disassemble and perform everyday maintenance on. The revamped build deck features a clamp design to make coil fitting a quicker task. These clamps will securely hold the flat mesh designed especially for this RDA, but also a range of other rebuildable coil types.

Incredibly versatile, this RDA comes with two firing pins, a standard gold-plated 510 pin allowing to be used with a range of sub ohm devices; as well as a hollow BF pin, when using this pin, the Profile 1.5 can be paired with squonk devices. To control vapour flow, the dual adjustable airflow can be opened or closed allowing for increased or decreased vapour production.

When it comes to selecting a level of vapour production to best suit your style, there are three Wotofo Mesh strip coils to choose from - NexMESH Chill A1 0.15 Ohm coils, NexMESH Turbo A1 0.13 Ohm coils and the NexMESH Extreme A1 0.16 Ohm coils.


  • Wotofo Profile 1.5 RDA
  • User Manual
  • Coil Fitting Tool
  • 3 x X-fiber 6mm Cotton Wick Strip
  • NexMESH CHILL A1 0.15 Ohm Coil
  • NexMESH TURBO A1 0.13 Ohm Coil
  • NexMESH EXTREME A1 0.16 Ohm Coil

Important information about Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers:

Rebuildable atomisers are recommended only for experienced users. You should have the knowledge and access to the equipment that is required to set up this atomiser properly.

Before building or using an RDA you should have a thorough knowledge of battery safety, Ohm's Law and vaping in general.

Before fitting a coil onto your rebuildable atomiser ensure it is in a safe condition and registering the correct Ohmage, this testing and checking can be achieved by using a dedicated Ohmmeter. Coils should not be tested on vape devices.